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As against usual, known and for us and abroad of systems (for example, Russian GOST Р - on correspondence to safety requirements or international serials ИСО, сертифицирующих not product, and at all production, and only system of quality of productions), the System SCQ is designed for a rating of end production, - best goods and services. It is a voluntary system, certification of end production - goods and services by the foreseen legislation of Russia.
Our certificate is necessary mainly for acceleration of advance in the market of the similar goods and services. At issue of our certificates the appended associated documentation affords(grants) all indispensable verbal substantiations of effect, received by a customer, and quantitative calculations of a degree of quality or level of ecological purity. That is the certificates SCQ can be used much more widely, than any other type, known for us, of the certificate. 
To the present time the System SCQ already envelops such complex enough(difficult enough) objects of public activity, as food, petroleum, oil machinery, objects of personal building, trade services. Is in the long term planned(glided) to envelop field(area) of tourism, aqueous objects, land lots, building objects. Accredited on a System SCQ centers there are in a number(series) of cities of Russia and even Ukraines (Donetsk). That is for a domestic customer she is already well familiar.
The system is always opened for adaptation - especially main(basic) valued lists of figure of merits usually encompass up to 2 - 4 tens performances, really not indifferent for customers. And all of them are accessible to perception and if necessary - for perfecting.
The extension of an orb of coverage of systems such as SCQ will allow to insert in a social production free for regulation selfcontained on concerns of a customer of feedbacks (positive and negative), i.e. effective incentives of public self-progressing. Thus the maximum full coverage of all factors, not indifferent for the person is provided: sanitary-hygienic, ethical, aesthetic, культурологических, that allows to equalize the price of commodity according to its(her) quality.
The chief FCC - Boris Minin: ph.: 241-39-03. The fax: 241-38-08.   E-Mail
The developers of Web-site apologize for mistakes meeting in the text.
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